Programs in Reindeer Park by reservation


We offer a moment of recreation for your family or friends in a small private group in Nuuksio Reindeer Park. The visit includes lichen to feed  the reindeer, our guide tells you about reindeer and you can enjoy your own snack over an open fire in the atmospheric Lappish Tepee.

Duration: 1 hour
Price 1-4 persons: 150 €
Additional persons: à 30 €
On additional order: Campfire coffee and bun, sausage grilling.



Experience a touch of northern magic in Finland's southernmost reindeer park in Nuuksio. The visit includes feeding the reindeer, campfire coffee and a sweet bun by the cosy open fire of The White Reindeer Lappish teepee plus services from our friendly staff. The Souvenir Shop is open.

Duration: 1 hour
Price max 10 persons: 300 € (minimum charge)
Additional persons: à 30 €
On additional order: Sausage grilling



The amethyst raw stone is a unique memory with the magic and stone energy of Lapland. The amethyst treasures of the Ylä-Luosto quarry have been transferred to the Reindeer Park's mining shelter for rediscovery. The stones have been excavated ecologically by hand with a pickaxe and a shovel. The carbon footprint and backgrounds of the stones are 100% in order. Amethyst is a meditation and power stone that is believed to calm, protect and strengthen the flow of life and what is yet to come. Book mining passports for your group for a private visit or during Reindeer Park's opening hours. The stones come with a certificate of authenticity.

Price of the mining pass: à 25 € + entrance fee to the Reindeer Park (fee depends on if you book a private visit or come during public opening hours)
Digging time: appr. 15 min, entitles the digging of one raw amethist. The stone comes with a certificate of authenticity.
NB! Available from spring to autumn time.

REINDEER YOGA (New program!)

Come and experience a new nature / yoga experience in Nuuksio Reindeer Park!
Reindeer yoga offers a relaxing moment in the forest, where you can enjoy the fresh outdoor air in the best company. Reindeer yoga is suitable for everyone, regardless of age and condition. We enjoy a variety of balance exercises and let the energy flow through the exercise and end the exercise with a moment of relaxation while enjoying the relaxing effect of the forest.

After yoga you can enjoy campfire coffee and bun over an open fire in the atmospheric White Reindeer Lappish tepee. The guide will tell you about reindeer which you can feed.

Duration: 1,5 h  (yoga 1 h)
Group size: Max 10 persons + yoga teacher
Price: 450 € (minimum charge)
NB! Please, pay attention to weather-appropriate clothing.
There are tarpaulins and hiking mats which can be used under your own yoga mat.

Watch the video:




This tour starts from the Reindeer Park. A calm walking tour with a reindeer in the breathtakingly beautiful wilderness of Nuuksio National Park. Nature will be enjoyed at the walking pace of the reindeer. Rest of the reindeer can be met and fed at the end of the walk. Sausage grilling, sweet bun and campfire coffee available by the cosy campfire in The White Reindeer Lappish tepee. Souvenirs can be purchased on site.

Duration: 1,5 hours
Price max 4 persons: 320 € (minimum charge)
Additional persons: à 80 € (max 8 persons)



Take part in the reindeers' feeding work with the caretaker. You will prepare meals, feed them and clean the farm. The herder tells you about the reindeer.

Duration: 1,5 hours
Price 1-2 persons: 150 € (minimum charge)
Including: Overalls, boots and work gloves.
Availability: All-year-round.



A guided hiking trip from the Finnish Nature Center Haltia to Nuuksio Reindeer Park on well-kept forest trail. Guide will tell you about the Nuuksio nature and its animals. Our tame reindeer can be viewed, photographed and fed lichen from a terrace. Campfire coffee and sweet bun are served at the cozy teepee. Other drinks per request. Souvenirs can be purchased from a small shop.

Duration: 1,5 h
Hiking trail: 1,6 km
Number of visitors: 10-50
Price: 500 € up to 10 visitors
Additional people: 50 € / person.



Experience a touch of northern exoticism in Finland's southernmost reindeer park in Nuuksio. Our tame reindeer can be viewed, photographed and fed lichen from a terrace. Berry juice and sweet bun are served for the pupils and campfire coffee (tea) and bun for the teachers by the cosy White Reindeer teepee campfire. Small Souvenir Shop is open.

Duration: 1 hour (Mon-Sat)

Price / student: à 15 € / person
Price / adult (teacher): à 25 € / person.
Minimun group size/charge:
20 people, max 50 people.

Prices include private visit, above-mentioned catering, lichen for reindeer and the services from our staff.

NOTE! When accessing the Reindeer Park by public transportation, a prior notice of the group size to the bus company is required. Bus nr 245 operates between Espoo Center and Nuuksio. Bus stop: Punjonsuo (2 stops after the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia). Turn right after the crosswalk, sign Karhunpesä and reindeer advertisement.


A warm welcome to come and meet Santa Claus and his reindeer at Nuuksio National Park – half-an-hour drive from Helsinki City Center. During your visit, you can feed and meet the reindeer, take photos of them and meet The Santa Claus Himself!

Campfire sausages, coffee and a sweet snack at the atmospheric White Reindeer teepee will make your visit unforgettable. The teepee is welcomingly decorated with a Lapland theme. Santa Claus will reward you at the end of the visit with a small gift.

Duration: 1,5 h
Price 1-6 persons: 720 €
Additional people (total max 20 persons): à 120 € / person
Availability: All-year-round

Prices include a private visit to the Reindeer park, lichen for the reindeer, campfire sausages and coffee (tea/berry juice), meeting The Santa Claus, small gift and the services of our staff.



Here you will find a wonderful souvenir of your visit. Stuffed reindeer toys, jewelry made of reindeer bone, textiles, etc. Welcome!