Public opening hours spring-autumn 2019

Nuuksio Reindeer Park is open for public on below mentioned days. You don't need to book your visit in advance.

If you want to make a visit some other day or you have a bigger group, please contact us: Alternatives can be checked from "Programs in Reindeer Park".

Please note! There are marked nature trails in Nuuksio National Park where you can walk freely but the Reindeer Park with it's parking space and Karhunpesä log cottage with it's yard area are private area. We appreciate that you respect our privacy in all other times when you don't have any booking made or we are not open for public.

Dates and entrance fees on public opening hours:

25 € adult, 10 € child (4-12 y.), 60 € family (2 adults + 2 children)

Including lichen for feeding reindeer, campfire coffee, tea or berry juice and stickbun grilling over an open fire in the White Reindeer Teepee and services of our staff. Souvenirs can be purchased on site. Card payments preferred.
Note! You do not need to make any reservation in advance on public opening hours, just walk in! Payment by credit card or on cash on the spot.

Fri    12.4.  1 pm-4 pm
Ti     16.4.  1 pm-4 pm
Thu  18.4.  1 pm-4 pm
Mon 22.4.  1 pm-4 pm
Sat   27.4.  1 pm-4 pm

Sat     4.5.  1 pm-4 pm
Fri    10.5.  1 pm-4 pm
Sat   18.5.  1 pm-4 pm
Thu  23.5.  1 pm-4 pm
Fri    31.5.  1 pm-4 pm

Thu  13.6.  1 pm-4 pm
Fri    14.6.  1 pm-4 pm
Thu  20.6.  1 pm-4 pm
Thu  27.6.   1 pm-4 pm
Sat   29.6.  1 pm-4 pm

Thu     4.7.  1 pm-4 pm
Fri       5.7.  1 pm-4 pm
Fri     12.7.  1 pm-4 pm
Sat    13.7.  1 pm-4 pm
Fri     19.7.  1 pm-4 pm
Sat    20.7.  1 pm-4 pm
Tue   23.7.  1 pm-4 pm
Fri     26.7.  1 pm-4 pm
Tue   30.7.  1 pm-4 pm

Thu     1.8.  1 pm-4 pm
Sat   10.8.  1 pm-4 pm
Thu  15.8.  1 pm-4 pm
Sat   17.8.  1 pm-4 pm
Thu  22.8.  1 pm-4 pm
Sat   24.8.  1 pm-4 pm
Thu  29.8.  1 pm-4 pm
Fri    30.8.  1 pm-4 pm

Sat     7.9.  1 pm-4 pm
Thu  12.9.  1 pm-4 pm
Fri    13.9.  1 pm-4 pm
Thu  19.9.  1 pm-4 pm
Sat   21.9.  1 pm-4 pm
Thu  26.9.  1 pm-4 pm
Sat   28.9.  1 pm-4 pm

Winter and Christmas season opening hours will be announced later.

Address: Nuuksiontie 83, Espoo.

About 30 min by car from Helsinki city center and about 1 hour by public transport.

Commuter trains U, L, E from Helsinki Railway Station to Espoo (8 stops/25 min) and bus no 245 from Espoo to Nuuksio. The bus stop is right next to the train tracks. Note that buses do not run as often as commuter trains. Get off the bus at PUNJONSUO bus stop (27 stops/23 min) which is two stops after the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia (big brown wooden building on the left). Walk a little bit forward and turn right after the crosswalk. Sign Karhunpesä and a reindeer advertisement.

There is limited parking space at our private yard, larger public parking place is in front of the Haltia.

Nature trail to Reindeer Park: Orange marked nature trail from Haltia to Haukkalampi, turn right when you come to Nuuksiontie and turn right up to the reindeer park. Length of the nature trail about 1,5 km, walking along Nuuksiontie about 1 km.

HSL timetables and routes: