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Nuuksio Reindeer Park and White Reindeer Teepee Restaurant

Experience a touch of northern magic in Finland's southernmost reindeer park in Nuuksio. The reindeer came from Finnish Lapland to Nuuksio at Christmas 2013 and two more reindeer came in spring 2019. A small white reindeer came to our park in February 2021. White colour is rare and white reindeer cope more poorly in nature than other reindeer due to the white colour. A white reindeer is said to bring good luck in the herd.

7 reindeer: Male Niila (born 2012) and Usva (born 2018) and five females: Taika, Lumi, Nella (all born in 2013), Tähti (born 2016) and Helmi (born 2020). Tähti is the mother of Usva. The herd has an exact hierarchy, the oldest reindeer with the biggest antlers is the leader. In the spring, when they drop there antlers, the ranking may change momentarily depending on whose antlers are the first to drop. Reindeer antler is the world's fastest growing bone, new antlers grow up to 2-2,5 cm / day. When the summer arrives they lose also their thick winter coat, which means they might not look the "prettiest". They still are as healthy then as they are at any other time of the year.

The reindeer’s well being is our first priority. Meeting the reindeer always happens on the animals’ terms. We aren’t open daily so the reindeer do get time off from meeting people. We also do not force them to come say hi to the park’s visitors if they at the time wish to be at peace. They however are all very curious and used to people and usually very eager to come say hi, especially if they get some lichen out of it (it’s the reindeers’ favorite snack). We also get often asked if we could temporarily transfer one or two reindeer to some tourism events, but we always politely decline since we think that it is too stressful for the animals.

The atmospheric White Reindeer Teepee Restaurant is located in the Reindeer Park. It is open for groups by reservation. Enjoy lunch, a three-course dinner with wine or tasty campfire coffee prepared in the tepee.

In the small souvenir shop you can shop for things like reindeer bone jewellery, soft reindeer toys, ecological Luonkos products, etc.

A visit to the Reindeer park, a campfire coffee break or dining in the teepee restaurant can be combined with a meeting day in the Karhunpesä/ Bear’s Nest Villa. We have arranged wedding celebrations and christenings, celebrated successful work projects and just enjoyed unforgettable and relaxing moments around the campfire with reindeer strolling around in the park.

The reindeer park is open by appointment for groups. The general opening hours are on weekends, when the entrance fee includes lichen to feed the reindeer, a pot of campfire coffee (tea, juice) and stick bun grilling on the fire.

General opening hours and entrance fees can be found in the menu: Opening hours and prices. The reindeer park is open in all weathers.

Private booking enquiries: info@NuuksioReindeerPark.fi.

Accessibility: The fenced reindeer park is located in a rocky forest area, accessed by a boardwalk (about 60 m) from the parking lot. There are a few steps at the end of the path. There are also a few steps to the feeding terrace.  

NOVELTY! Now you have the opportunity to dig your own lucky stone in the Reindeer Park mining shelter.
The raw amethyst stones have been ecologically excavated from the Finnish Lapland and brought to the reindeer park for rediscovery. The carbon footprint and backgrounds of the stones are 100% in order. You can buy a mining pass during public opening hours or by private reservation. Find your own lucky stone!

Nuuksio Reindeer Park is a private owned area so we appreciate your understanding of the privacy of us and our guests if the reindeer park is not open or you do not have a reservation. Thank you!

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