Night in the Igluhut at the Reindeer Park

Night in the Igluhut at the Reindeer Park

Exotic accommodation in Nuuksio Sleep with reindeer

Spend a night in this unique Igluhut in Nuuksio Reindeer Park and feed the reindeer directly from the hut window.


Handcrafted Iglu cabin is made from natural materials. The design is unique combining the centuries-old shingle technology with modern knowledge and craftwork. Exterior is covered with spruce shingles, aspen has been used in the interior, total over 2500 units.


Accommodation for two persons in double bed including linen, ecotoilet, limited washing facilities, a mini fridge and a bucketful of lichen for feeding reindeer. There are two huts in the area. The marked national park's nature trails are nearby. The Finnish nature Centre Haltia and Haltia restaurant is located 1,1 km away from the Iglu Hut.


Price: 360,00 € / night for two people, check-in / check-out: 15:00 (3pm) - 10:00 (10am)


Additional orders for two people:

1)  Survival basket No 1 including: Rolls, ham & cheese, yogurt, boiled egg, fruits, juice. Price: 40 €

2)  Survival basket No 2 including:Stuffed salmon sandwich or roast beef sandwich, fruits, peanuts, chocolate, piccolo bottles of sparkling wine, lemonade. Price: 65 €

3) VIP-dinner for two over an open fire in the atmospheric White Reindeer Lappish Teepee & reindeer feeding.

Menu 1: Creamy Forest Mushroom Soup with water and bread, Wild-meat Stew with Mashed Potatoes, Lingonberry Jam and Pickles, Wild Berries with Caramel Sauce. Duration: 1,5 h. Price: 220 €
Menu 2: Smoked Reindeer Venison Soup, Bread, Flamed Salmon, Baked Root-Vegetables-Potatoes, Lapland Bread  
Cheese with Spruce Syrup, Campfire Coffee. Duration: 1,5 hours. Price: 240 €

4) Private VIP sauna & yacuzzi.Relax your body and soul in a Finnish woodheated sauna and in outdoor yacuzzi under the starry sky. Duration: 2 hours. Price: 250 €. Including: Towels, two bottles of Piccolo Sparkling Wine or 2 beers. Please bring your own swimsuits. Location: Karhunpesä log cottage, about 100 m from the Iglu Huts. The sauna and dressing room of

the cottage are included, not the other facilities in the cottage.
5) Bicycle rental for the Igluhut customers: à 20 € / person.