White Reindeer Teepee Restaurant

White Reindeer Teepee Restaurant

Spend memorable moments by the fire

A lunch or a three-course dinner at the White Reindeer Teepee Restaurant is an experience you won’t forget. You are surrounded by a peaceful nature and tame reindeer. Up to 35 diners are treated to best moods and memories of the campfire in the teepee.

We’ve had small-scale nature weddings, birthdays and visitors from all around the globe. The teepee is well-suited for with a luncheon or a dinner together with a meeting day spent at the Karhunpesä/ Bear’s Nest Villa.

Attached please find a few menu suggestions to be enjoyed by the campfire. Special dietary requirements will be taken into consideration upon your wishes. The premises are fully licensed. NB! The White Reindeer Teepee Restaurant is open only on request.

Menu 1:

Creamy Salmon Soup
Bread, water
Pancake with jam
Campfire coffee

Menu 2:

Creamy Forest Mushroom Soup
Bread, water
Game stew with Mashed Potatoes
Wild Berries with Caramel Sauce
Campfire Coffee

Menu 3:

Game Soup
Bread, water
Flamed Salmon
Oven roots
Wild Berries with Caramel Sauce
Campfire Coffee

Group size: 10-35 people
Duration: 2 hours

PRICE information:

WhiteReindeer Teepe and meals per 10 persons. Note! One menu for the whole group. Please inform us of any special dietary requirements at least one week before the event.

Teepee rental: 360,00€ + Menu 1: à 46,00€ /person, Menu 2: à 58,00€ /person, Menu 3: à 72,00€ /person. Minimum billing per 10 persons.

Prices include a private visit to the Reindeer Park, teepee rent, firewood, selected menu for min. 10 persons and the services of our staff. Drinks are charged by consumption. Souvenir shop is open.

In addition, if you're looking for a little something to do besides dinner and meeting reindeer, there's an amethyst mine shelter in the area, where you can dig your own lucky stone, a domestic raw amethyst. The amethyst comes with a certificate of authenticity.

The souvenir shop also offers small purchases, such as reindeer bone jewellery, soft reindeer toys, ecological Luonkos products such as Harmony soap, which has an amethyst hidden inside.