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Nuuksio Reindeer Park and White Reindeer Teepee

Experience a touch of northern magic at Finland's southernmost reindeer park in Nuuksio!

Nuuksio Reindeer Park is part of our family business's nature tourism activities (www.sma.fi/en/) and is located on private property, on the plot of the Bear's Nest Villa.

Reindeer Introduction

The first reindeer arrived from Lapland to Nuuksio on Christmas 2013, two more reindeer joined in the spring of 2019, and in February 2021, our reindeer herd was complemented by a small, adorable white calf named Helmi. White reindeer are rare and often struggle in the wild due to their color. According to belief, a white reindeer brings luck to the herd.

We have 7 reindeer in total: Bull reindeer Niila (b. 2012) and Usva (b. 2018); girls: Taika, Lumi, Nella (b. 2013), Tähti (b. 2016), and Helmi (b. 2020). Tähti is Usva's mother.

Reindeer shed their antlers every spring, and their thick winter coat thins out for the summer, so their appearance may vary slightly during the summer months. Reindeer antlers are the fastest-growing bone in the world, with new velvet-covered antlers growing up to 2-2.5 cm per day. The hierarchy may temporarily change in spring when antlers drop in a different order.

Reindeer Welfare

The welfare of our reindeer is of utmost importance to us, and any interaction with the reindeer always happens on their terms. We do not "rent out" reindeer for any events as it would only cause unnecessary stress to the animals. Nuuksio's reindeer can only be visited in their own enclosure.

Opening Hours

Check the opening hours here: https://www.nuuksioreindeerpark.fi/en/opening-hours/
Tickets from the online store: https://smashop.johku.com/en_US/vierailut-nuuksion-poropuistossa

Private Visits by Reservation

Inquire about availability in advance: info@NuuksioReindeerPark.fi

Eco-friendly Igluhuts in the Reindeer Park

It is also possible to stay overnight in the Reindeer Park. We offer a unique accommodation experience in an eco-friendly Igluhut for 2 persons. We have 2 Igluhuts: Naavan and Pihka. For more information and reservations, visit our online store: https://smashop.johku.com/en_US/experience-accommodation

White Reindeer Lappish Hut - Reservation for Groups in Advance

In the cozy Lappish Hut of the Reindeer Park, groups can enjoy pre-ordered campfire coffee, lunch, or a three-course dinner with wine by the campfire. The premises have a license to serve alcoholic beverages.
Read more: https://www.nuuksioreindeerpark.fi/en/white-reindeer-teepee-restaurant/

Souvenir Shop

In the small gift shop, you can purchase items such as domestically crafted jewelry made from reindeer antlers, other reindeer bone products and adorable soft toys, beloved by children.

Amethyst Mine

In the Reindeer Park's amethyst mine shed, you have the opportunity to dig for your own lucky gemstone! These Finnish raw amethysts have been mined from a Lapland quarry using environmentally friendly methods, respecting the delicate Lapland nature, and then transferred to our mine shed for discovery. The carbon footprint and backgrounds of the stones are 100% in order. You can purchase mine passes during your visit. For private group bookings, mine passes are also reserved in advance.


The fenced reindeer park is located on a rocky forest plot. Wide boardwalks lead from the parking lot to the feeding area, ending with a small rocky slope, railing, and a few steps. There are also a few steps on the feeding terrace. The area is not wheelchair accessible.

Sustainability and values

Read more: https://www.nuuksioreindeerpark.fi/en/sustainability/





















Blog post of a unique staycation in a Igluhut

Social media influencer Kathrin Deter spent one night with reindeer in a Igluhut in Nuuksio. Check out her blog post here:



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In order to improve our work, we are very grateful for feedback, either by email: info@NuuksioReindeerPark.fi or via social media.

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