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Nuuksio Reindeer Park

Experience a touch of northern magic at Finland's southernmost reindeer park in Nuuksio!

Nuuksio Reindeer Park offers a unique opportunity to learn about reindeer and see these magnificent animals up close. Come visit the reindeer and enjoy the tranquility of nature in Nuuksio, located just 30 km / 30 minutes from Helsinki city center.

Reindeer Introduction

The first reindeer arrived from Lapland to Nuuksio in Christmas 2013, marking the beginning of the park’s story. In spring 2019, the herd grew with two new additions, and in February 2021, we welcomed a delightful white calf named Helmi (Pearl). White reindeer are rare and have a harder time surviving in the wild due to their distinctive color. According to old beliefs, a white reindeer in the herd brings good luck.

Reindeer herd

Nuuksio Reindeer Park is home to six reindee: Bull reindeer Usva (b. 2018) and females: Taik (Magic), Lumi (Snow), Nella (b. 2013), Tähti (Star) (b. 2016), and Helmi (Pearl) (b. 2020). Tähti is Usva's mother, and they share a special bond. Our reindeer live in a peaceful environment that caters to their natural behavioral needs

Reindeer biology

Reindeer shed their antlers every spring, and their thick winter coat thins out for the summer. This change makes them look slightly different during the summer months. Reindeer antlers are the fastest-growing bone in the world, with new velvet-covered antlers growing up to 2-2,5 cm per day. The hierarchy among the reindeer may temporarily change in the spring when antlers are shed at different times.

Reindeer Well-being

The well-being of our reindeer is of utmost importance to us. Interactions with the reindeer are always on their terms, ensuring they do not experience stress or disturbance. We do not lend our reindeer for external events to ensure they live as stress-free a life as possible in their own enclosure. Visitors are welcome to meet the reindeer in their serene environment at Nuuksio Reindeer Park.

Opening Hours

Nuuksio Reindeer Park is open year-round. Check the up-to-date opening hours here:  https://www.nuuksioreindeerpark.fi/en/opening-hours/

Tickets for weekend public opening days can be purchased either on-site or in advance from our online store: https://smashop.johku.com/en_US/vierailut-nuuksion-poropuistossa

Private Visits

For private visit availability, please inquire in advance at: info@NuuksioReindeerPark.fi

Park services

Souvenir Shop: In the small gift shop, you can purchase items such as domestically crafted jewelry made from reindeer antlers, other reindeer bone products and adorable soft toys, beloved by children.

Amethyst Mine Barn: Dig your own lucky stone in the reindeer park's amethyst mine barn! The domestic raw amethysts have been mined from Lapland with ecological tools, respecting the delicate nature of Lapland, and transported to our barn for you to find. The stones' carbon footprint and backgrounds are 100% in order. You can buy a mining pass during your visit. For private group bookings, mining passes are also booked in advance.

White Reindeer Kota Café/Restaurant: Your visit to the reindeer park always includes campfire coffee and a bun by the fire in the kota, but the kota is also available for private group reservations. Come enjoy an experiential lunch or dinner in the cozy kota by the fire. The kota has serving rights. More information: https://www.nuuksioreindeerpark.fi/en/white-reindeer-teepee-restaurant/

Activity programs in the Reindeer Park, for more information: https://www.nuuksioreindeerpark.fi/en/programs-in-reindeer-park/

Overnight stay in the Reindeer Park: Experience a unique overnight stay for two in the reindeer park’s ecological shingle cabins, Igluhuts: Naava and Pihka. More information and reservations directly from the online store: https://smashop.johku.com/en_US/elamysmajoitus


The fenced reindeer park is located on a rocky forest plot. From the parking lot, there are wide boardwalks leading to the feeding area, with a small rocky slope, railing, and a few steps at the end. There are also a few steps on the feeding terrace. Therefore, the area is not wheelchair accessible.

Sustainability and values

Read more: https://www.nuuksioreindeerpark.fi/en/sustainability/

Location and Contact Information

Nuuksio Reindeer Park is part of our family-owned nature tourism business (https://www.sma.fi) and is located on a private, fenced area within Nuuksio National Park. From the reindeer park, you can easily access the marked trails of the national park. The Finnish Nature Center Haltia is about a kilometer away from the reindeer park.

Nuuksiontie 83, 02820 Espoo, FINLAND
For directions and contact details, visit: https://www.nuuksioreindeerpark.fi/en/contact-information/

















Blog post of a unique staycation in a Igluhut

Social media influencer Kathrin Deter spent one night with reindeer in a Igluhut in Nuuksio. Check out her blog post here:



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